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Hockey Knight in Pictou 2017

The 8th Annual Hockey Knight in Pictou (2017) –  was a success
all Leafs and Canadian fans who were at the Hall tonight when I say thank you to Fred Dobson and his committee for a great night. Our Worthy State Secretary Jim MacDonald born in Springhill came to our event tonight with his Hockey stick signed in 1957 by Maple Leafs. He was given this hockey stick because in 1957 there was a mining disaster in Springhill and the kids of the parents killed were given a full uniform and a signed hockey sticks (Jim still has his).
A new member was recruited

St Peter Church’s Renovated

Brother Joe Beaton of Council # 3133 Dartmouth and a team of volunteers, re-did 5 sets of double doors at St. Peter’s church, thus saving the church a huge amount of money!
Also renovating its Council Chamber with new paint throughout and new tile flooring
Painting carry out with Joe Murchie
St. Peters Oct. 21, 2016-0357

State Poster and Essay contests winners

Essay Contest Winner
Council 7077, Shannon MacKay, 143 Stokil Drive Lr. Sackville, Grade 12.
Hers was the only submission no other winner. State Prize $75

Keep Christ in Christmas.
Winner Girls Amherst council Qulfanja Laureijs                    age 11 to 14       $40
Winner  Girls Amherst Council Abbie Byrnes                         age   8 -10           $40
Winner  Girls Amherst Council  Aoife (eefa) Byrnes              age 5 to 7            $40
1st Boys Fall River Council 8387 Charles Curry                      age 5 to 7             $40


Happy Canada Flag Day

The Knights of Columbus, Monsignor Gerald Murphy Assembly # 2223 at St. Thomas More Church in Dartmouth, were handing out Canadian flags at the Alderney Ferry Terminal today. February 15 each year commemorates the inauguration of the Flag of Canada on this day in 1965. More Picture in the Photo Gallery


97th State Convention

The 2017 State Convention will be held on May 19th, 20th and 21st,at the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel in Halifax. Attached are the forms you will need to Register and your Delegate Credentials forms. The procedure is straight forward and if anyone has any difficulty or questions please contact me and I will walk you through the process. I ask that you please be compliant with the dates as we have to know the number of Knights and their Ladies will be attending our Annual Knights of Columbus Nova Scotia State Convention May 2017.