In the First “Admission” Degree We ask that any participating Councils with candidates supply the following:

  1. Rosaries
  2. Lapel Pins
  3. “These Men They Call Knights” booklets.
  4. In all instances, a light lunch will follow the exemplification.
  5. To facilitate food preparation, it is extremely important that participating councils advise the contact persons named above with the number of candidates and anticipated number of spectators.
  6. lease find attached the new 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Bulletins to be used for the Columbian year 2018-19. These NEW FORMS contain improved descriptions for each Degree. Please file them and use them as required. You will see on page 2 of each of the New Forms in small font the following identification mark: (JIM-07/18). I ask that you use only these new forms for the remainder of 2018-19.

    First “Admission” Degree

Date:                  23 April 2019

Location:           Yarmouth Council Hall, 10 Collins St

Time:                  6:30 for 7Pm

Host:                  Council 2181 Yarmouth

Note: See bulletin for more info:  Council 2181 Admission DegreeApr 23, 2019

Second “Formation” Degree

Date:                      4 May 2019

Location:                Columbus Club, Lower Sackville

Time:                     1 for 1:30Pm

Host:                     Council  7077 Lower Sackville

Note: See bulletin for more info: Council 7077 FormationDegreeExemplification Lower Sackville May 4 2019

Date:                      18 May 2019

Location:               Immaculate Conception Church, Truro

Time:                     1:30 for 2 Pm

Host:                     Council  6633 Truro

Note: See bulletin for more info: Council 6633 Formation Degree May 18, 2019-2

Date:                      26 May 2019

Location:               11 Collins St, Yarmouth

Time:                     2:30 for 3 Pm

Host:                     Council  2181 Yarmouth

Note: See bulletin for more info:Council 2181 Formation Degree May 26, 2019

Third “Knighthood” Degree





Note:  See bulletin for more info\;

27 April 2019 – Yarmouth/Comeauville

25 May 2019 – Sydney/Port Hawkesbury

15 June 2019 – Halifax/HRM

2 Nov 2019 – Truro/HRM

                                All Time and Location TBA


Fourth “Patriotic” Degree

Date:                    27 April 2019

Location:              St Ninian Cathedral Parish Hall, Antigonish

Time:                    12:30 for 1Pm, Follow by a Mass at 4:00pm, Reception to follow

Host:                   Assembly 0798 Antigonish FN Al Masters

Note:    See Bulletin: Fourth Degree exemplification notice 27 April 2019