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Batter Up ” Swing into Spring”

Brother Knight

Supreme has come up with the following incentive if you recruit 5 new members between Feb.1st and March 31st  you will receive a miniature Louisville Slugger bat. Just in time for spring training. Supreme is doing everything they can to motivate Members to recruit and this incentive is another way to achieve your goal. State also has an incentive where for every member you recruit will receive $40.00 up to a maximum of $200.00 If there is anything we as State can do to help you recruit please do not hesitate to contact the State Membership Director Sean Kelly his email is and me. You can also recruit an On-Line member but before your Council can receive any money from these incentives they must convert to a Council. If you have any question on On-Line members please contact Gene Lemay his email is We are here to help you and if we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jim A. MacDonald
State Deputy – Jurisdiction of Nova Scotia

Winter Challenge Recruitment Incentive

I am announcing a State Membership Challenge effective January 15, 2019, to April 15, 2019. Membership growth is very important for our future and it is hoped this Membership Challenge will help the Councils recruit new members and add cash to your Council. Your participation in this Challenge is greatly appreciated Any questions please contact State Membership Director Sean, or me.

Jim A. MacDonald
State Deputy – Jurisdiction of Nova Scotia

Knights of Columbus/ Chevaliers de Colomb
142 Water Street P.O.Box 337 Pugwash N.S. B0K1L0
Telephone: 902-694-3896

New Council award

Congratulations to Our Knights of Columbus Council 16817 on obtaining the Highest Award possible from Knights of Columbus Supreme Council. We have received the Triple Star Council Award for our works during the Columbian Year 2017-2018.  We are the only Triple Star Council in Canada for this past Columbian Year. 

Cash Bonanza winner

Winner of The Knights of Columbus Nova Scotia state bonanza cash bonanza draw sold by council 1667 New Glasgow Bruce Horn. Presenting the check for $25000 is past Grand Knight John Mac Donald and Grand Knight John Gillis








2nd Prize – $2,000.00                                 Sold by Council 11625
Musquodoboit Valley Food Bank          Musquodoboit Harbour

3rd Prize – $1,000.00                                  Sold by Council 9093
Julie Martin                                                  Porter’s Lake

2018 State Basketball Free Throw

The State Basketball Free Throw 2018 was held in Truro, here is the report from Lin Limpert Chairman

Safe Environment Policy guide from Supreme

I have devised a one page reference guide on the Safe Environment Policy from Supreme. It is a guide and should not be considered as an exhaustive summary on everything associated  with the Safe Environment Program. As in the case of other recent Supreme initiatives such as the State Action Plan, Home Corporation Policy and Building the Domestic Church, it takes time to absorb and understand how the councils adapt and comply with these initiatives. Please use the attached guide to assist you with compliance. The references at the bottom of the guide are also for your use.
The role of the Grand Knight, District Deputy and State Deputy grows in complexity each year. There is a greater emphasis placed on being compliant with new initiatives for many reasons. This is why the State Council must be diligent in not only fully understanding these initiatives but also being able to provide pro-active assistance to councils to meet the requirements of these initiatives. The Grand Knight and the councils are the nucleus for all membership and program activity taking place within a Jurisdiction. The State Deputy, State Officers, District Deputies and State Appointees must assume that role of support to councils.There is absolutely no other reason for their existence.
The Safe Environment Program implementation process is heavily upon all of us in Nova Scotia and requires particular attention by Grand Knights to be diligent in compliance. The State Deputy and support staff are ready to support that compliance.
Fraternally and sincere regards
Brother Carl
Carl F. Reid, State Deputy Nova Scotia

Federal Summer Job Attestation

My dear brother Knights of the Order:
Please see the attachments from me regarding the recent edict from the federal Department of Employment and Social Development Canada.
Much information and discussion Canada wide has been generated by the recent decision by the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada in Ottawa to use a rather coercive tactic of holding back federal funding to organizations who normally employ youth during the summer months if they do not conform to the new policy conditions developed under the present Trudeau government.
It is a matter of religious freedom practice that is being threatened by this new policy. It weighs in heavily on a violation of Charter rights protecting that practice. I have attached my letter as well as a number of papers and commentaries which outlines clearly the intent of the Federal Government with this new policy.
Please proceed as you see appropriate after you have reviewed the attachments.
Kindest regards.
Brother Carl
State Deputy