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March for Life 2018

Hello all brother Knights and all men of good will .
See poster,  an information page for the annual March for Life in Halifax .
 As usual we encourage all men and women , esp. those who respect the true value of all Created Life and our Creator , to join with others of the same mind and Heart to support that Life in a peaceful and prayerful demonstration in saying NO to the  “Culture of Death ” mentality that is working diligently to capture the hearts and minds of this present age .
All places and dates and times are on the brochure we encourage you, to print off and post, and encourage  your neighbours to join you.
Thank you

Raymond & Janice Hodgson
Culture of Life Chair NS
Knights of Columbus/Chevaliers de Colomb

Become an Agent in Nova Scotia

We are currently looking for Agents in Nova Scotia.  This may be just the opportunity for you, or it may be for someone you know who is not happy in his current situation.




Have you ever taken a moment to stop and ask yourself, is there a career opportunity out there for me?

1) …that will allow me to be my own boss?”
2) …where I can have unlimited income potential?”

3) …where I can have excellent benefits?”

4) …where I can become a respected member of my community?”

There is such a career where all this is possible…and much more. Consider a career as a field agent for the Knights of Columbus.  This is a career with a few very important qualifications and a long list of benefits that no single other
career can provide.

Qualifications:                                        Benefits:
High integrity                                         Opportunity to make a difference in members’ lives

Self-motivated                                       Individualized training program
Good time management                       Flexible hours once established
Entrepreneurial                                     Income potential of a professional

Goal oriented                                       Training allowance and production bonuses

Genuine concern for others                 Non-contributory, defined benefit pension plan

Desire to succeed                                Ongoing supervision and self-development

Incentive award trips to places like Rome,Hawaii, St Thomas, Cancun and Ireland

If you’re still not convinced that the Knights of Columbus provides and excellent opportunity, then consider a few other questions:

1) If you remain in your current position, where will you be three years from now? (Income, promotion, possibilities, etc.)
2) How would it feel to have your income be a direct reflection of your success at work?

3) What would it feel like to know that while earning as much as you desire, you are also helping people prepare for their future?

If these three questions make you stop and think, maybe we should talk.  My contact information is below.



Halifax Council 1097 and December 6th 1917 Explosion

Brother Knights

100 Year Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion Memorial service.
Read the attach document from GK Paul MacNeil

Please visit Halifax website for up to date info:
KofC Council 1097 members were quick and within 2 hours supporting over 150 surviving children from Halifax Explosion, December 6th 1917, at KofC Columbus Hall, (former Keith Hall) on 63 Hollis St.  This year mark the 100th Anniversary of Halifax Explosion on Wednesday December 6th 2017.
Please plan to attend this year 2017 Wednesday December 6th and honour their memories and to all who help those in their time of need!

As we mark the 100th Anniversary of the Explosion, we present a few items of interest, drawn from the Archival holdings of the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth, and other sources.

State Sweepstate Winners 2017

Sweepstake Winners 2017

1st Prize – $25,000.00
Jesus Natividad                   Truro                          Council 6633

2nd Prize – $1,000.00
Veritas Book Store             Halifax                       Council 11625

3rd Prize – $750.00
Michael Roski                      Halifax                       Council 1097

4th Prize – $500.00
Trish MacPherson              Nictaux                      Council 6297

5th Prize – $500.00
Marla Hulshof                      Lower Sackville        Council 10565


Knighthood Degree

A Knighthood Degree was held at St Vincent de Paul in Dartmouth. 35 candidates took part of the exemplification.