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How Well Do you Know Your Foundation?

Your Nova Scotia Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation has been in existence since 1997 to focus our Knights role in charitable causes throughout Nova Scotia, assist with major catastrophic events worldwide, support the youth of our Dioceses and support our Nova Scotia Knights of Columbus Scholarship Program.

Please make you donation the Nova Scotia Charitable Foundation online by using 



How can you and your Council support the Foundation?

  • Use our beautiful Memorial Cards to honour the memory of deceased members and supporters of the Knights. Every Council has a supply of Memorial Cards that are simple to use. Every Knight should have one at home for use whenever needed. You can ask your Grand Knight for one or contact our Foundation Treasurer (see contact details at end of this article). You will be issued an income tax receipt for every donation made;
  • Make a personal annual donation to the Foundation as you would the Cancer Society, Red Cross or other National Charity. You will be issued an income tax receipt;
  • During the annual State Convention, we ask all Councils to consider making a donation to either the Foundation or our Christopher Fund. For every $50 donated, the Council will have a ballot placed in the draw for the Father Leo Boone Statue which the winner displays in their Council Chambers for one year until the next convention;
  • Support our Foundation during recent special projects like the Ten Commandments Plaque project.

What is the Christopher Fund?

  • The Christopher Fund was setup by Supreme to encourage States to have an investment fund, using the annual interest from that fund to support charitable activities. Supreme matches deposits by each State dollar for dollar up to the total of their State Membership. States can continue to invest beyond this point but these additional funds are not matched by Supreme.
  • Our Foundation voted in 2009 to make our Nova Scotia State Christopher Fund its “Investment Corpus” where a portion of our funds are invested and all interest generated is used annually for charitable purposes approved by the delegates to the Foundation’s Annual Meeting held during the State Convention. Our Christopher Fund now has in excess of $76,000 invested.

Who is on the Foundation Board of Directors?

  • The list of the Foundation Board is published in the annual State Directory. There are 2 Knights elected for a term of three years from each of the Antigonish, Halifax and Yarmouth Dioceses plus three Knights appointed for a three year term each by the State Deputy (one each year), and the Immediate Past State Deputy.
  • The State Deputy and General Agent serve as ex-officio members. Each year the Board members elect their Foundation Executive consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

How often do they meet?

  • The Foundation Board meets five times each year. They hold face-to-face meetings at the July Organizational Meeting, the State Mid Year Meeting and the State Convention. They hold two Conference Calls, one in the Fall and the other in the Spring.

Are the Board Members paid?

  • No, we are all volunteers.

Are the financial statements audited?

  • Yes we are required by the Canadian Revenue Agency to have an annual audit certified by a Chartered Accounting firm and filed annually with CRA. This allows us to maintain our ability to issue tax receipts for donations.

Do you use our Foundation’s Memorial Cards?

  • Several years ago our Nova Scotia Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation decided to institute a program for our Brother Knights to recognize Brother Knights, family members and KoC friends who have passed away. Our beautifully designed Memorial Card features our Holy Mother Mary and acknowledges to the recipient that a donation has been made to our Charitable Foundation in memory of their loved one.
  • Funds raised during our Columbian year are used towards donations to charities approved by your delegates to our annual Nova Scotia State Convention each May, used to increase the corpus of our State’s Christopher Fund and provide additional funding to our State Scholarship Fund.
  • The main portion of the Memorial Card is forwarded to the family of the deceased while a perforated portion is returned to our Charitable Foundation with a donation of your choice. When the donation is received, a tax receipt is issued to the donor along with a new Memorial Card that can be used in the future.
  • We also encourage Councils to make donations through the use of our Memorial Cards throughout the year whenever a Brother Knight or family member passes.
  • Every Council has received a supply of our Memorial Cards or you can contact any Foundation Director who will be pleased to supply you with one or more quickly.
  • This is your Foundation. By providing ongoing support you can be instrumental in our growth and funds for our worthy charitable causes throughout Nova Scotia.

Where can I send donations or obtain Memorial Cards?

  • All donations should be made payable to the NS Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation and sent to:
  • Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation PO Box 9408, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5S3
  • You can donate to the Foundation through pay roll deduction.
  • The registration number is :

The Board members,

Murray MacGray Chairman
Peter Giffin Vice-Chairman
Robert Brooks PSD
Arthur Rice Treasure
Jim MacDonald State Secretary
Arthur McPhee Secretary
Pierre Camus Member
George McCormack PSD
Gilles Seguin General Agent
Carl Reid State Deputy




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