Monseignor Hugh MacPherson Council 14596 2017 Toy Drive

Council 14596 St Andrews Annual Toy Drive (This was their 7th year), see attachment of the newspaper articles of the 2017 Toy Drive when we we provided toys, clothing and footwear to 149 families (323 children) in the Antigonish Town and County.

Brother Knights donated approximately 1000 hours of their time from Nov 27th to Christmas Eve to make this happen. In addition, family and friends of Brother knights donated 300 hours for a total of 1300 hours donated to the project.

This is a project that we get better at every year and the community at large is taking a growing interest in and continue to be very supportive of.

I am very proud of our Brother Knights and their families and friends who came out and made this happen–again. I believe they deserve a Community or Family award or both depending upon where you feel this fits best.

For the Children
Clarence Deyoung PGK
Toy Drive Co ordinator

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