2020 State Convention Registration (Update)

Worthy State Officers, Directors, Appointees, Grand Knights, District Deputies,
There have been many questions and concerns as to how we will hold our State Convention and some are making recommendations as to how we are to proceed. I appreciate your input but I am obligated to follow direction from Supreme. They are constantly trying to develop a format that will be compatible with each jurisdiction.   The Constitution clearly states that the State Convention is to be held between the first day of April to and including the first day of June in each fraternal year. It also states that a convention of the councils affected ( Nova Scotia Councils) shall be called and such councils shall be represented in said convention by the Grand Knight and a Past Grand Knight of such subordinate Council in good standing. This is taken from Sec.11 of the Charter Constitution Laws of the Knights of Columbus. Having said that this is the direction I am giving the Councils in the Jurisdiction of Nova Scotia. Send in registration forms to the State Secretary for each Council Delegate, also the registration fee as stated on the form. No cheques will be cashed until we know the cost involved. Councils will receive the resolutions that have been sent to the State Advocate from the State Secretary, please pass them around to your membership electronically for their consideration and the consenses will be taken as to whether to support or reject the resolutions. Nominations for State Officers and Supreme Delegates are also to be sent to the State Secretary by the 15th of April as we are adhering to this date. The State Secretary will be sending out the proceedings minutes from the Convention last year electronically to every Grand Knight and he will distribute it to the Council members. At some point, we will need a motion to approve the minutes from last year’s convention. The State Lottery tickets will be drawn date to be determined later, in the interim you are asked to send the numbers sold to the State Treasurer and State Lottery Chair Bill Carroll as we need to keep track of the number of tickets sold as we may need this information for the Nova Scotia Lottery Corp.    Together we will get through this and will continue as in the past but right now we have to be compliant with the Supreme Direction around the Convention but more importantly, we must follow the direction of the Government and the Public Health Authority if we are going to survive this pandemic. Remember that prayer is a very powerful tool and through these difficult times please pray often and ask our Founder the Venerable Father Michael McGivney to pray for each and every one of us, our family and those who place their lives on the line every day to save those who have contracted this deadly virus. Take Care of yourself and your family and be safe. God Bless each and every one of you. 
Vivat Jesus!
Jim A. MacDonald  State Deputy – Jurisdiction of Nova Scotia
jimmacsdnskofc@gmail.com Knights of Columbus/ Chevaliers de Colomb 142 Water Street P.O.Box 337 Pugwash N.S. B0K1L0Telephone: 902-694-3896