Blessed Fr. McGivney Documentaries

Bother Knights,
These documentaries should be shared with all members of your councils and anyone who wishes to view them. They are beautifully made documentaries and will inspire everyone of the man and the Order. I Would also ask you to download the attached document for a Novena for Blessed Father Michael McGivney and to host one.

Following the beatification of our founder this past October 31, our Order has reasserted its commitment to sharing the life and legacy of Blessed Michael McGivney to brother Knights, their families, local Churches and the world. It is quite clear, now more than ever, that his display of charity, holiness, selflessness and love of the family is a special grace to all, especially during these times. Since the beatification, we have released two inspiring and informational documentaries, available to all at no charge, that we believe effectively share his story:

Other videos and short clips about Blessed Michael McGivney can be found here.

Plans for a Canadian Launch Campaign Over the next few weeks, we will embark on a campaign to share the documentaries with members of the Church hierarchy in Canada, dioceses and Catholic media. The documentaries, which include various Canadian commentators/witnesses, are available in French (subtitles). Our personalized outreach will start in February and, given Father McGivney’s witness to prayer, family and almsgiving, will have significant relevance during Lent. While we may send out one or more short emails to brother Knights in Canada, 

we ask you to work closely with your state PR chairman to spread the word – among your state leadership team as well as districts, councils and through any web or digital platforms at your disposal

Specifically, here is what we ask you and state leadership to consider: Watch the documentaries (if you’ve not yet done so)Post the documentaries and other related Blessed Michael McGivney resources (below) on your State website and share on social media and through email lists at your disposalPromote the documentaries with districts and councils Please remember you can find valuable resources including prayer cards, posters and other background materials on the Blessed Michael McGivney Canadian website ( Specifically, consider promoting the Novena to Blessed Michael McGivney which is attached to this email. Finally, please note that these two documentaries will be available for purchase on KnightsGear.CA, which is set to relaunch February 1, for those who wish to enjoy the convenience of a DVD.
We have a remarkable opportunity to touch the lives of our brother Knights and their families during this campaign as well as reaching new men and their families. We hope that by May – the month of our founding in Canada (May 15) and first state council in Canada (May 24) – we will have momentum for a second wave. We will be sure to apprise you of details as these become available. For now, we thank you in advance for taking the time to advance these three requests. We invite you to continue to join us in daily prayer and discerning which men, in your circle of family, friends and acquaintances, might be called to join our Order.