Remembrance Day

Do your part to support Veterans this Remembrance Day It is because of you, Sir Knight’s and your families…we help ensure Canada ‘never forgets‘ the sacrificesour Veterans made for the freedoms we enjoy today. Starting Friday October 27th, 2023 … Knights Of Columbus Fourth Degree Halifax Metro Assembly 0799, 2223 and 2519will assist in preparation

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Concert / Poster Contest

On December 18th immediately following the 10:30 mass at Saint Agnes Church, a Christmas concert was held in the adjoining gymnasium. The play was performed by members of the youth of the parish and was well received. It was hosted by Council 16817 which provided refreshments afterward for the participants and audience. The Knights also

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Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

The Mother Teresa Documentary is being shown in Cineplex Cinemas across Canada on January 22 & 23. The only Cinemas in Nova Scotia that will be showing the film are the Cineplex Cinemas in Park Lane and Dartmouth Crossing. I am not sure of the viewing times yet but we should spread the information now

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