Silver Rose

Hi Brothers

The message of the Silver Rose is to promote the dignity and respect of all human life and honor Our Lady of Guadalupe by participating in this meaningful pilgrimage.  For more information on the “Silver Rose Program” visit the following link (  
The Silver Rose was received in Nova Scotia from Prince Edward Island State Council on April 9th. The first Silver Rose Prayer Service was today  in West Arichat, hosted by Council 4607. The Silver Rose will continue it pilgrimage thru Nova Scotia, until we transfer it to Maine, USA on April 25th. The following Councils will host the Silver Rose prayer service:

  • Council 4607           West Arichat                       -April 11th   
  • Council 8275           Port Hood                             – April 12th
  • Council 14030         Judique                                 – April 12th
  • Council 14280         St Peter’s                              – April 13th
  • Council  7924          Port Hawkesbury               – April 14th  Livestream at 7:00pm
  • Council 6633           Truro                                    – April 15th
  • Council 6297           Greenwood                        – April 17th
  • Council 16817         St. Agnes, Halifax              – April 18th
  • Council 1097           St. Theresa, Halifax            – April 21th Livestream at 7:00pm
  • Council 9404           St. Ignatius, Bedford        – April 24    Livestream at 2:00 pm .

To participate in livestream service at 7:00 pm April 14th, go to

To participate in livestream service at 7:00 pm April 21th, go to

To participate in livestream service at 2:00 pm April 24th, go to  and click on Livestream button.

Supreme has advised that if a council organizes  remote participation in a virtual service , they are able to receive credit toward the Columbian award. Councils are encouraged to share and promote this livestream Silver Rose Prayer Service across the council membership and parish. Participation can be reported on the online form 10784. A copy of the Silver Rose Prayer Service booklet is attached or can be found at  and can be used to follow along during the livestream.
I would like to thank all the Councils whom where able to host a Silver Rose Prayer Service. A special thanks to those councils whom where able to host and livestream the their service.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email or phone.

Fraternally yours
Bruce Colborne